The Mission of the Center for Food Studies

  • To provide a forum in English for intercultural and interdisciplinary exchanges, debates, and food-related projects.
  • To promote and advance research in food-related topics within the University and with other research networks, including the Rome-based U.N. and CGIAR international organizations, the European Food Safety Authority, and the active civic food networks.
  • To promote and share teaching and experiential learning in the interdisciplinary topic of food within AUR andwith other universitiesand research centers worldwide.
  • To foster internships with organizations involved in food.
  • To encourage contacts and cooperation with the non-profit sector, businesses, and public sector institutions.
  • To offer an affiliation opportunity for Visiting Scholars.

Professor Maria Grazia Quieti, Center Coordinator and Director of theMaster in Food Studies

Scientific Board:
ProfessorValerie Higgins, Director of theMaster in Cultural Heritage: Sustainability & Community
ProfessorAntonio Marchesi, Director of theMaster in Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution
ProfessorLaura Prota, Interim Coordinator of theBusiness Administration Program
ProfessorAnna Sasso, Coordinator of theTravel and Tourism Management Program
ProfessorElizabeth Wueste, Director of theArchaeology and Classics Program